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19th January 2023

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I Choose My Specialisation

You know you want to study a degree which will give you an exciting career in a booming industry…. but with so many options, which one will you choose?

The ICMS Degree Taster Day will give you a sneak peek into what it’s like to study a bachelor’s degree specialisation!

All mini lectures will be fun and practical. You’ll come away with real insights into your specialisation – and have a fun day meeting other students in your class.

This is a chance to try out different specialisations – without any commitment.

Don’t make a mistake and enrol in the wrong degree. Instead, try before you buy.

Don’t see your preferred specialisation here? Attend the Bachelor of Business mini lectures for an insight into all ICMS degrees’ core modules.

Choose from…..

A fantastic general degree which opens up so many different career pathways through diverse elective options

A contemporary degree in an international sector that puts you at the intersection of fashion and business

An exciting degree that kickstarts your career in the dynamic and varied world of sport

A stimulating degree specialising in the potentially very lucrative industry world of development, investment, and valuation

A practical degree which lets you turn your passion for hotels, resorts, and restaurants into a global career

A leading-edge degree in a dynamic industry which demands creativity, tech know-how and business skills

An industry-relevant degree in a growing sector which gets you a front-row seat at major events and special occasions


Your journey to a career-focused education


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